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A funny thing happened on the way to the Fu Yong

Tonight, I decided to treat myself to my favourite take-out, Egg Fu Yong w/ Chinese King Prawns. Just thinking about it from late afternoon made my mouth water and my nerves steel themselves for the confrontation with the owner of the Chinese takeaway on the corner of my street, who always takes great pleasure in calling out my order to the kitchen before I've had a chance to speak. It's the reason I don't go there as often as I would like, and the reason why I sometimes take home a totally different meal, equally good, but not my favourite Chinese dish of all time. I sometimes order another dish just to shut Mrs. Wu up and wipe that knowing smile from her face.

Not that she's a nasty woman; on the contrary, she's very sweet and kind. I just wish she wouldn't make out like I only ever order Egg Fu Yong w/ Chinese King Prawns.

Anyway, tonight I decided to meet the challenge head-on. Egg Fu Yong I wanted, and Egg Fu Yong I'd take home. A man, from his clothing and physique easily identifiable as a builder, was stood at the counter, waiting for his order when I came in. Mrs. Wu's eyes lit up. "Egg Fu Yong", she said -- "Yes, please", said I. "Skiing accident?" asked the man at the counter. "No" I said, for the tenthousandth time. "You shouldn't be eating prawns", he said, "they're very bad for you, especially now that you need to be healing that leg of yours." "Thank yöu", I said icily, "but I shall have my prawns all the same." Then he said that he would help me. I thought he meant carry my Egg Fu Yong home for me, and started to protest that there was no need, that I lived right around the corner and could easily make it on my own, when he said that wasn't what he meant and he would show me if I would be so good as to sit down. Mrs. Wu encouraged me to do so too, and before I knew it I was sitting in a Chinese takeaway with a builder on his knees before me clamping his great big paws around my ankle! I was taken completely by surprise. I felt uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed, but the man obviously thought he was doing a good deed for the day and I hadn't the heart to tell him to eff off, and so we sat there like that for what seemed hours. He explained that first it would grow hot, then it would start to throb, and then the throbbing would go and the healing would have been helped along. So I waited a few minutes before telling him that yes, I could feel the throbbing begin and then, another few minutes later, "Thank you, it's gone now." He lumbered to his feet, shaking his hands as if he'd just washed them and was shaking the water off. "There, isn't that better?" he asked, and I smiled and thanked him again.

Mrs. Wu handed him his order and he left, and after chatting with her for a few more minutes, I left too with my Egg Fu Yong w/ Chinese King Prawns and white rice, my ankle just as sore as it had been throughout the day. Of course I hadn't felt any throbbing or healing or anything taking place, but the pleased smile on the face of the builder when he left told me that by allowing him to believe in his fantasy, I too had done my good deed for the day!
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