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'The Bronx is up and The Battery down'

Tonight, another series that I kind of watched (not religiously and with lots of stops and starts) has ended. Yes, tonight the last ever episode of Sex & The City was aired in The Netherlands. I only found out about it about an hour before it came on, had nothing better to do, and so settled down in front of the telly with a bottle of wine. And lo! it was good, as far as the dresses and the shoes were concerned, and the story -- ah well, I guess they had to wrap it up some way, and who cares if it was a bit saccharine and tame -- but damnit! why did they choose to have most of the action take place in Paris, when I've always liked this series precisely because it was situated in New York; when it could show me New York whenever I started to feel the itch to go back there?

Because it may sound corny, but I ::heart:: New York. Or Manhattan, because if truth be told, I only ever set foot in Brooklyn once, and I've been to The Bronx only to go to the Zoo. There are days that I truly miss taking Whitney (the dog) for a walk in Central Park, or going 3 blocks for my bagels on Lexington. Of course, I'm free to go back whenever I choose, but...I rarely, if ever, give in to the temptation. Instead, I watch Sex & The City on occasion, and although I'm sure the series will be on repeat ad infinitum, I am kind of sad that I won't get to see any new and (un)familiar places and faces of NYC by watching it anymore...

But enough of this! My mate calove informs me that we've got the tickets to go see Ian McKellen in drag at the Old Vic for bogwitch's birthday. Yay! I'm going to the panto with these two and hesadevil, and I'm counting the days. Because really, I ::heart:: London just as much as Manhattan.

(Speaking of tickets: I'm sure I ordered these for all three dates CoRo have put up for the UK next year. However, there were only confirmation e-mails for two...something must have gone wrong).
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