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Colour me confused

But first:


So JM will be singing and talking about his debut album in Coventry's Guildhall on April 25th. I'm sure I'll have better things to do, attend a CoRo show, e.g. -- they're going to be touring the UK from April 21st-May 2nd, I hear.

Anyway, I received a letter from my ADSL-provider, telling me they are unable to provide ADSL to my home. They are very sorry to disappoint me, but all their tests have shown that it can't be done. They can't be specific as to the cause, but they have given me the following to choose from:

* I have already signed up for ADSL with another provider;
* I have a group telephone number (whatever that may be);
* I have an ISDN rather than an analog telephone connection.

Since I knew I hadn't been in touch with any other provider, I contacted my telephone company and had them check into the last two possibilities. And they came back and told me what I already suspected: I have neither the one nor the other.

Meanwhile, I've been surfing the web to my heart's content. And now I'm in a quandary: should I let sleeping dogs lie, and continue to surf without being asked to pay a penny; or tell them that as far as I can see, my Internet connection's working fine, and run the risk of them going "oh, but it shouldn't be!", flip a switch and cut me off from the rest of the world?
I think I'll sleep on that decision for a while...

And thank the Lord! -- today I found out that I finally fit into last year's jeans again!
Tags: computers, james marsters

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