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I'm so glad to see my LJ working again. For the past two days, the database has been accessible to me in read-only mode only, ostensibly because of maintenance being performed on the server. A noble cause, but one that had me wringing my hands, gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair in frustration. Well, it's all in the past now, and hopefully it'll take a while before they'll have to do it again.

I spent a companionable afternoon with db2305 in Utrecht yesterday, in which we discussed the current state of our BtVS-fandom, JM's upcoming tour, and the uncluttering of her attic (she's decided on a clearance sale of quite a large number of her paintings, so contact her for details if you're willing to give one or two a good home); and in which we treated ourselves to a viewing of the episode of The Mountain in which JM plays the alcoholic dad who thinks to invest his son's college fund in a hare-brained beer-making scheme. Having been warned beforehand that it was bad, I managed to actually enjoy it in a 'I can't believe how he acts rings around his part and everyone else's'-kind of way. JM's dialogue and tattoos were awful, it's true; but it was lightyears better than Winding Roads and therefore entirely watchable if you fastforwarded to his bits. Plus, there was lots of snow in the bits he wasn't in, which is always good to look at in this time of year.
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