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God, it's cold today; the proverbial brass monkeys type of weather. Waiting for my train on one of those one horse town open platforms, I even got caught in a flurry of sleet for a minute or two, but it was alright as I felt quite cheerful after leaving my first session with the company psychologist. She wasn't scary at all. On the contrary, she helped me recognise wherein lay the rub, and formulate a plan or course of action to try and eliminate most of the stress I've been under for longer than I'd actually realised. I've got a bit of homework to do, some reading mostly, and then we'll start working on a few issues but mostly she's going to help me plan my career better and do some coaching...so hopefully I'll have a better understanding of what kind of job I'm actually more suited to and looking for, and regain the confidence to go out and get it soon. Ten weeks from now, I should be much farther along on the way to knowing what it is I want. That can't be bad, can it?

We celebrated my nephew's third birthday yesterday; he's a splendid little man and I had the most excellent time playing and talking with him, and he still thinks I'm the best auntie in all the world. His brother though, doesn't seem to carry that conviction any longer: when he complained that on a recent school outing to London, they never got any time off to go exploring on their own, I said he was welcome to come with me next time I went, but all I got was a look -- you know the one, the deadly oh sure, I'm going to go anywhere with a responsible adult in tow-look. Fine! If that's the way he wants it, he can wait another year and a half until he's 18, and then he can go on his own, and pay for it out of his own pocket, too! Youth today, always looking a gift horse in the mouth...

And I can't believe what a slowpoke I've been -- the Xmas cards are pouring in from far and wide and I still haven't done mine yet! I'm deeply ashamed of myself. Thank you to everyone who's sent me one; you'll get yours after New Year's, probably...I really should learn to plan ahead better.


Dec. 13th, 2004 11:04 am (UTC)
Does she know that you are planning to look for another job? And is that wise with her being the company psychologist?

Yes, I did mention it, but I was careful to use the phrase "whether within hp or outside"...It does feel a bit weird and ungrateful with the sessions being paid for by the company (hence the limit set on 10 sessions), but I'm not worried about possible repercussions...psychologists are bound by the same rules of professional secrecy as doctors or ministers are, and what's discussed in the sessions remains undisclosed. Jobsworth is entitled to ask how it's going, but he's not entitled to know any particulars. She's given me her word, and if she breaks it, I can have her severely reprimanded or struck off, even.