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It's here, just been delivered at my desk: my lovely breadmaker (and recipe book, chopping board, set of wooden spoons, and focaccia dough mixture)! The box is quite humongous -- how on earth am I going to get it home with me?



Dec. 15th, 2004 11:11 am (UTC)
I suppose having the book restored will keep for a while...I used to know someone who worked in paper restoration at one of our national museums here; I haven't seen or heard from him in ages, but maybe...hmmm. And otherwise, I know there is a convent near here that specializes in book and document restoration -- I'll make some inquiries. There's probably a waiting list as long as your arm, and since most of the sisters are at death's door with very little influx of young maidens to take their place, I don't know what help they can be. But perhaps they'll know of some place in America where the work could be done.