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That's all I need!

Rain, grey skies (no brollie), tired (stayed up too late cuz I just had to finish herself_nyc's excellent 'Disenchantment'), network and e-mail problems, work coming up to my ears and now the final word from Samir, to say he's thought it over and he won't be coming back. Pity, I liked him. He was just floundering, is all...

Meanwhile, the orgchart's a complete joke.



Jul. 1st, 2003 07:12 am (UTC)
so much fic, so little time!
have you been reading Pattyanne's stories

I haven't had a chance to visit the Gutter much lately, haven't even had a chance to read my e-mail - so no. But thanks for the tip, and I'll add Caught Between Two Lovers to the ever-growing pile.

With Wimbledon completely taking over BBC1 last night (thank you, Tim Henman), I finally got a chance to get started on Dancing Lessons without interruptions...that series of fics has been on my To Do-list for ages, but the sheer volume of it's put me off for the longest time.

nautibitz has updated the Crash & Burn series , oh! and I meant to check if Echidna's added to A Touch of Jealousy already...
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