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And pigs might fly

Well well well, Mrs. Ubam Ubam from Nigeria needs my help (and addresses me as 'Dear Friend' in the hope that I will give it) to get her hands on $ 20,000,000; she promises to give me 10% of it. Wow! All my financial worries gone in an instant...All I need to do is pose as Mr. Barry Kelly (deceased)'s next of kin; and to that end provide her with my 1) full names (2) private Telephone/fax numbers (3) address (5) age and occupation so that I will use it to get all the necessary documents that will back-up the claim which I will send to you through courier services (D.H.L). She further assures me that she has enough money to cover the initial cost of procuring these documents herself, but may need me to provide additional funds if she runs into any unexpected difficulty.

I'm amazed to see this scam's still working; to be honest, I can't see how anyone could ever have been taken in by it, but I'm told it has happened in the past. Still, I should be grateful to Mrs. Ubam Ubam: her offer has at least put a little smile on my face. God knows I've got little enough to smile about: I just got asked again what kind of job I'm looking for, and I still haven't found an answer other than 'one that's closer to home'...'cause seriously, what skills have I got? I'm an archaeologist who hasn't dug in 7 years, and a publicist who hasn't published anything in 13...10 years in a techy job in hp has killed off any and all ambition as well as enthusiasm. I really don't know what it is I should be looking for.
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