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It's Chrrristmasssssss!!!

It was a pretty lame day at the office, and so I spent most of it downloading and then watching Oliver Stone's epic Alexander. The critics may all be less than impressed with it, but I don't share their opinion. I thought the film was wonderful, beautifully shot, great work on the art direction (although I have to question the letting Alexander ride into the battle of Gaugamela with what is clearly a parade helmet on his head), and rather true to historical detail (even if Ptolemy Soter was never dubbed 'pharaoh' in his life). Anthony Hopkins did a great job telling the story, and Val Kilmer manages to stay pretty even with one eye missing. Okay, I did wonder why Angelina Jolie thought it would help her performance if she spoke in a phoney Balkan accent, and how come so many Macedonians spoke fluent Irish, but other than that...a very, very enjoyable film.

Next week, I think I'll watch Troy, and The Incredibles.

So, now that we've come to Xmas Eve, let me wish all the people on my flist, and those that are just on drive-by, a very merry and festive next couple of days; and while I'm at it, also point them in the direction of 12daysspillyria, where over the next 12 days of Xmas, bogwitch, calove and hesadevil will publish their Spillyria holiday fic!
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