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I didn't go to Mass last night; it was raining buckets and my ankle was hurting, so I stayed in and watched Shrek again. God, I love that donkey! I thought I might make up for my no-show in church this morning, but I overslept, and now I'm waiting for my breadmaker to finish baking my bread so I can take it and this lovely selection of French and English cheeses I bought on the fly at the airport yesterday over to my sister's, and celebrate Xmas in the bosom of my family. Still don't feel very festive, though, despite having just received an unexpected present: 100 MB of free photo hosting disk quota from the LJ-boffins. Isn't that nice of them? I wasn't even aware there was such an option open to paid users!

Alright, a quick shower and a not so quick think about what to wear today, and I'm off. Let's see, have I got any gladrags to go with trainers?
Tags: christmas, lj

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