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Reading the morning paper

Apart from the news that the Queen's second son has gone and gotten himself engaged splashed all over the front and several inner pages of my morning paper, which I tend to read on the train ride into work, the more intriguing -and highly amusing- articles to catch my eye were reports of the first underwater Post Office in the world having opened in Vanuatu (an island paradise somewhere in the Pacific, apparently). The post office is said to offer brilliant up close and personal views of a coral reef to its frequenters, and should they want to send a letter or post card from there, they can rest easy in the knowledge that the post office makes use of a specially developed water-resistant ink for its postmark. Great! The article never mentioned any specially developed water-resistant envelopes, though...

Meanwhile, in China they're building the world's highest situated train station, in an effort to draw in the tourists. 5 Kilometres up in the mountains. Board the train and don't forget your oxygen supply...Personally, I can't see the appeal in such a journey, but there's nowt as queer as folk, so I'm sure it'll be a huge success once it opens.

And for the last couple of weeks, in the centre of Hamburg, people have gone quietly mad because an artists' collective let loose a volley of yodels at irregular intervals over a speaker system. Hamburg's high rise reminded them of the Alps, and they wanted to share this earth-shattering insight with the rest of their city's inhabitants.

On a more serious note: the prosecutor in the case against the Bali bomber(s) has demanded the death sentence be passed over the main suspect. I don't know how I feel about that. I knew someone who died in that blast, a colleague of mine who'd taken a year out to take a trip around the world. She never got any further than Bali. It was almost two weeks before her body was identified and we were informed of her death. She was a lovely girl, friendly and vivacious - and apparently she and all the others were killed because 'foreigners endanger Indonesia'. I'm so tired of people always blaming others for their own problems. I'm so tired of people justifying the indiscriminate killing of innocents by believing in some 'higher' ideal or purpose that invariably turns out to be nothing but some bigotted idea of religion or politics, or both.
If Mr. Amrozi gets sentenced to death, will it stop others from following in his footsteps? Will it bring back Maria and all those others that died with her last October? Will it make one blind bit of difference?
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