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Oh what the hell -- here's my entry for kallysten's 2005 Drabbles for 2005 challenge:

Anya/Tara(-ish), PG, S4 around the time of New Moon Rising

She views the newcomer with a keen interest. The girl's been on the Scoobie periphery for some time, but now that she's here she can be observed more closely. There's a wistfulness to her that she picks up on -- once, wishes were her raison d'être.

She knows their colours: blood red or pitch black for vengeance -- but this girl's wishing is more like mother-of-pearl, softly shimmering. What could her desire be? A kitten? Or...


Pleased with her deduction, she doesn't notice the sudden hush.

"Ahn", comes Xander's voice at last, "You remember that thing we talked about?"


I'm not completely happy with it, but I've decided to stop tinkering and post the damn thing already. I've been wanting to write a real 100 word-drabble since reading someone's rant recently that these days, the word 'drabble' has come to mean any story that's shorter than average. I too, have committed the sin of describing my earlier attempts at writing a BtVS-inspired story as drabbles, simply because I didn't know any better; but I'll not make that mistake again!
Tags: btvs, drabble
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