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Everybody is a critic, and I am no exception!

I'm so glad my colleague JW showed me how and where to download movies safely off the Internet last week. After watching Alexander last Friday, yesterday's film was The Incredibles, which I enjoyed immensely: a good story, topnotch animation, funny, entertaining, and uplifting.

Today, it was Troy, and I know now that I won't want to buy the DVD even if it has a gazillion extras. What version of The Iliad was this screenplay based on? Menelaos and Agamemnon, dying in Asia? Patroklos Achilles's young cousin rather than his lover? Andromache, a woman whose very name indicates that she fights with the men, a weepy woman whose only interest seems to lie in babies and nappies? Why, in this sanitised version of events, was the sacrifice of Iphigenia at Aulis omitted? It's integral to the story because without it, the Greeks could not have sailed for Troy; and it would have added a nice bit of drama.

As to the art direction: I'm willing to overlook the fact that the protagonists are drinking from metal cups of a design alien to the Mycenean and indeed Greek world; but why dress them when they're not fighting in fetching blue sarongs? At times, it felt like I was watching The Beach.

I liked the fight scenes, though. Orlando gets to wield a bow and arrow again after LotR (is that why they asked him to play Paris?), Sean Bean is excellent in his part of Odysseus, and Eric Bana's Hector stays remarkably close to the hero of legend -- but on the whole, I really found the film quite tedious.

I remembered to stock up on oliebollen and appelflappen, our traditional and necessary Dec 31st munchies, but forgot the bubbly and the smoked eel. I'd better go get some before the shops close, or 2005 and I will start off on the wrong foot altogether.
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