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Making plans

Oh no! It seems I'm coming down with a cold. I've got all the symptoms: the sore throat, the runny nose, the frequent bouts of sneezing -- mark my words: I'll be sick as a dog in a few days. Still, best it should happen now and not when I'll be going to London...Only three more weeks and I'll be meeting up with bogwitch, calove and hesadevil, to partake of a leisurely (and likely liquid) lunch at Belgo's, and afterwards, go to the panto! oh no, I won't! oh yes, I will!

Which reminds me: JM in concert -- am I going to the Carling Academy with Boggy, or St James's with Cass and the Devil in April? Speak up ladies: who wants the pleasure of my company?

29 April - Carling Academy Islington - London * Less than 100 left *
30 April - St James's Church - London * Less than 50 left *
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