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LJ changing hands

Before the beginning of this week, I had never heard of Six Apart. Then I heard the rumours that they were set to take over LiveJournal and that this would prove to be a bad thing. So now that I've read Mena Trott's column, gone through Six Apart's FAQ on the matter, and especially, since I've read Brad Fitzgerald's communiqué, I feel a whole lot less worried. Although there are still some turns of phrases that make me suspicious, I'm willing to give our new hosts the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, prettying up LJ doesn't sound like too bad a development! ;-)

I must spend some time today cobbling together my CV. It's the homework the company psychologist has requested of me, but I'm finding it quite difficult. I hadn't looked at it in a decade, and my word! it's bad. I think the only salvagable part is the personal details...
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