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Too much time on my hands leads to me drabbling

Fandom: BtVS
Timeline: S4, the week after The Yoko Factor
Summary: one possible explanation of what happened to Miss Kitty Fantastico

"Lost: b/w kitten, white throat and socks, 9 weeks old, answers to the name 'Miss Kitty Fantastico'. Likes to play with balls of twine and to have her tummy rubbed.

Disappeared from Sunnydale University dorms in the early morning of May 15th. Please return to owner - handsome reward. Call 555-762-866."

The loose-skinned demon scratched his head thoughtfully; then, shrugging his shoulders, let the flyer drop from his fingers. A handsome reward might have bought him more than one snack, but it was too late now, anyway. Still, he couldn't rightly complain: that kitten had been delicious.
Tags: drabble
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