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Return of the fighting spirit

Shortly before 5 o'clock today, I'd suddenly had enough of being made to feel like a victim; so I went up to Jobsworth and told him "Look, I'm not happy, you're not happy, and this is getting to be an unworkable situation. Let's sit down and discuss things rationally first thing tomorrow, and see if we can come to some kind of mutually satisfying solution"...and he said fine. So, first thing tomorrow, we'll have that talk. It's been long overdue. I just hope I can keep it nice and calm and professional-like.



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Jan. 25th, 2005 08:10 pm (UTC)
Good for you. Hopefully this will do away with the petty backstabbing bit he has been up to.
Jan. 25th, 2005 08:30 pm (UTC)
Fingers crossed, eh?
Jan. 25th, 2005 08:32 pm (UTC)
fingers and toes.
Jan. 25th, 2005 08:34 pm (UTC)
Jan. 25th, 2005 08:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, good for you! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending positive vibes. :-)
Jan. 25th, 2005 08:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I've got a feeling I'm going to need them!
Jan. 25th, 2005 08:23 pm (UTC)
Good for you!
I know it's never fun to have that kind of conversation, but usually the result is well worth it. Best wishes for you!
Jan. 25th, 2005 08:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Good for you!
Thank you!
Jan. 25th, 2005 10:29 pm (UTC)
Put on the fiesty music and kick is arse into next week!
Jan. 25th, 2005 10:35 pm (UTC)
Ooh-er -- that's fightin' talk, that is!
Jan. 25th, 2005 10:36 pm (UTC)
Just getting you in the mood.
Jan. 25th, 2005 10:38 pm (UTC)
It's staying in it that worries me...
Jan. 25th, 2005 10:40 pm (UTC)
Ah, no one will mess with you then.
Jan. 25th, 2005 10:49 pm (UTC)
From your mouth keyboard to God's ears!
Jan. 25th, 2005 11:06 pm (UTC)
Good luck! *hugs* Hope something can get sorted out
Jan. 25th, 2005 11:10 pm (UTC)
Just thought I'd, you know, try. After all, it can't get any worse...
Jan. 25th, 2005 11:14 pm (UTC)
Exactly, you'll at the very least have peace of mind for venting at him
Jan. 26th, 2005 12:27 am (UTC)
I am so proud of you! I am way to mealy-mouthed to do that. I'll be thinking about you and I'll say a little prayer.
Jan. 26th, 2005 07:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I think it helped...
Jan. 26th, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
So how did it go? (Ooops, you probably posted, and don't want to write it out twice.)

*runs to read f-list*
Jan. 26th, 2005 02:11 pm (UTC)
Facing those demons head on is very brave. Hope you've got a pointy stick with you. (Or at least a pair of stout boots.)
Jan. 26th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC)
Funny -- the big scary demon turned out more like an Ewok, really...
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