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A hare-y plight

This morning, at the bus stop, I witnessed a rescue taking place. A hare had fallen into the water of the ditch running along the meadows near the industrial park where I work, and two teenagers, a boy and a girl, were trying to help it to the bank. Of course, the hare didn't realise this, and tried to get away from them as much as it tried to get out of the water, and the girl eventually hung back. But the boy wasn't giving up, and got as close to the water's edge as possible, hanging on to tufts of grass until the girl saw what he was planning to do, dug her heels into the ground, and took hold of his arm. Thus anchored, the boy finally managed to lean out across the freezing ditch and grab the hare by the ears.
He released it as soon as it was safely above solid ground, and it sped off like a formula 1 racing car, 0 to 60 in half a second. The boy teetered above the water for a few more moments, and then both he and the girl fell to the ground, under thunderous applause from me…and several other passers-by.

Funny, how it's usually the little things that colour your day, and determine your mood. My spirits have certainly been lifted by witnessing this small event.


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Feb. 7th, 2005 09:18 am (UTC)
Feb. 7th, 2005 11:32 am (UTC)
Hurrah, indeed!

Can't help wondering if that hare has since realised what a lucky escape he/she's had, and is sufficiently grateful...Probably not. It's probably chalking its getaway up to his own speed and cunning, and bragging about it to his mates down the pub.
Feb. 7th, 2005 09:53 am (UTC)
That's a lovely story. Thanks for sharing, it made my morning brighter too.
Feb. 7th, 2005 02:15 pm (UTC)
No worries -- glad it made you feel better, too.
Feb. 7th, 2005 11:35 am (UTC)
They should have called Hare-Sea Rescue! :D

Feb. 7th, 2005 02:14 pm (UTC)
...on second thoughts, you can. ;-)
Feb. 7th, 2005 03:12 pm (UTC)
Good for them!
Feb. 7th, 2005 03:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's nice to see people are still willing to risk life and limb for a wee widdle bunny wabbit (or something a little bigger that looks like it) that's gotten itself in trouble!
Feb. 8th, 2005 01:01 am (UTC)
What a great little story! Hares are so beautiful, and so fast. I bought a lovely etching of a hare (and another of a raven) at a little art shop in Cornwall when I was there in 1996 and they are here on my living room wall.
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