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Ding dong! The witch is dead, the wicked witch, the witch is dead; the wicked witch is dead!

A feeling of elation surged through the building as soon as the news broke: Carly's gone! "I'm $600 richer than when I woke up this morning!", a colleague exclaimed joyously, after checking the stock market situation following the news of Ms. Fiorina's resignation, effective immediately.

I had heard the rumours all through the week, and in yesterday's site management meeting, received confirmation that they were true: this time, not only the hp Board of Directors, but the shareholders as well, had withdrawn their support from their CEO...the CEO they'd insisted on appointing 6 years ago, knowing full well what a mess she left behind her at AT&T Lucent Technologies.

For 5 years, they supported her every decision, letting her dismantle the company and destroy The HP Way which had stood it in good stead for over half a century; backing her against Hewlett Jr. who lost the chance to send her packing and turn things around by the narrowest of margins...but now, when the figures and projected targets of the merger with Compaq have failed to materialise and an influential magazine is contemplating publishing a negative review of the whole adventure, the shareholders suddenly find it expedient to ditch her...I'd almost feel sorry for her but I'm sure she'll be alright; hell, she's got the millions and the Gulfstream Jet that's hers to keep, and I'm sure she'll find something to occupy her soon enough. It's a well-known fact that her ambition is to get elected to the Senate; and I really shouldn't wonder if one day she makes it to vice-president of the USA. And if she does, kudos to her!

I only met her once, briefly, a few years ago, when she was in Holland to tell us all about the wonderful new direction she was going to take the company in, and how we were all going to benefit from it. Since then, most of my former colleagues have lost their jobs, so I don't think they'll be particularly distressed to hear that now she herself has been sacked, even if the press statement worded it differently. Ah well.

And now Bob Wayman's succeeding her in the interim...the fact that they've promoted a Finance Manager to CEO speaks volumes. But: a Finance manager with 36 years experience working for hp. Maybe he can give us our company back.
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