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Looking in the high street windows this afternoon, I noticed that Mary Janes prevail in the spring shoe collections. Mary Janes and wedges. Now I'm not too fond of wedges; they're usually a bit too clunky for my liking, but Mary Janes, I like. Also, there seemed to be quite a lot of 40s inspired peek-toe pumps...

However, I managed to resist the temptation. Mainly because I'm skint; partly because I've already acquired not one, but two pairs of Mary Janes recently that I have yet to wear; and thirdly, because my ankle, while very much improved, still lacks the necessary strength to cope with any kind of elevation. So it looks like these

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will have to stay in their box a while longer. Not to worry, though -- if I keep up with my exercises (better than I have up to now), I may just be able to wear them to CoRo's upcoming UK tour.
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