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What do you think has happened to Teri Hatcher's nose?

I just watched the first two episodes of Desperate Housewives. It's good...intriguing. Why did Mary Alice kill herself? Why did her husband go through all that trouble to dig up a box from under the pool, only to dump it in the river? Is Mike a hitman or an undercover cop? Why is Bree such a control freak? Questions, questions, questions...I think I'll watch it again next week!

Today's not been a good day. Jobsworth wanted a word just before I left the office last night, and gave me what he called a 'wake up call': shape up or...So my sole motivation for going in to work this morning, was to report him for harassment. That done, I called in sick and left. I'm not going in tomorrow, either. I can't because I've got the gasman coming round to check the geyser -- it's something the gas company insist on every year. I may go back in again on Thursday. I probably will. But at the moment, just thinking about it makes my stomach turn.

I almost forgot: today is/was Manasse's first birthday, too! Poor love, I didn't do anything to mark the occasion...
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