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I've been feeling a little fragile lately; a feeling that no doubt has been caused by the problems at work, which, combined with the pain in my ankle (still), keep me awake at night -- and downcast and cranky during the day. I've also been plagued by a general listlessness, which seems to have deepened with the sudden onset of winter; and so I stay in as much as I can, and watch television.

Yesterday, that meant catching the first episode of Lost. It seems pretty straightforward: a plane crash on a tropical island that turns out rather more hostile than it looked at first, and the survivors will have to keep their wits about them if they want to stay alive another day. So far, we haven't seen much more than palm trees swaying drunkenly in the wake of something big passing, and the pilot being hauled out of the cockpit, but I think I know what's happened: they've landed on Jurassic Park Island, haven't they? It's a remake of The Lost World, and it won't be long before we'll see our first pet lizard blown up to pass for a dinosaur...either that, or it's the island of King Kong. Which sounds terribly boring; next week's episode had better prove me wrong or I'll lose interest almost immediately. It was fun to see Cold Feet's Jo appear in it as a stewardess an air hostess for 5 seconds, though; and I think I recognised 'Charlie' as one of the hobbits (Merry or Pippin...Merry, I think) in LotR.

But the real shock of the evening, for me, was the elimination of Jon the-impersonator-whose-last-name-I-never-quite-got from Comic Relief does Fame Academy. He's come on in leaps and bounds since the show started last Saturday, and I really thought his performance last night bore witness to that. I'd have voted to keep him in, as much for the effort as for the fact that he seems a genuinely nice bloke, and great fun to have around. As soon as it came down to the judges' vote though, I knew he was done for. Only Lesley Garrett's judging is fair, but then, she's a singer herself, so she knows what she's talking about. The other two just seem to be there to heap abuse on the contestants, or praise where it's least deserved (Gina). I love it when one of them goes: "your tuning was awful!", and Lesley cuts in with an, "actually, it was fine"...Unfortunately, the previous day, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Jon had made the tactical error of telling Richard Parks, so full of his own importance, and that choreographer of musicals whose hair goes straight up (never a good sign, that), that they were so far up their own bottoms, he was surprised they could hear any notes to criticise at all. I'm sure they hadn't forgotten about that, nor forgiven him for it (because they're, both of them, terribly bad at accepting criticism. They can dish it out, but they can't take it themselves).
Oh well, Jon's out now; that leaves me with DIY presenter Nick Knowles (who had better watch out, 'cause he's told the judges a few home truths as well), comedian Adrian Edmondson and DJ Edith Bowman as my favourites. And if there's any justice, Edith will win -- that girl can sing!

I'd gotten up early to go to yoga class this morning, but it was snowing heavily again and my ankle's hurting; so I decided to give it a miss. Now, of course, I wish I had gone after all.

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