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Blonde post

I've just got back from our annual flatowners meeting, where we had to approve the budget and decide on the necessary work to be done on our apartment block -- and I seem to have been put in charge of overseeing the paintwork to be carried out next year, as well as the repairs to the outside masonry. Not sure how that happened...

I began the day by doing a good deed -- I knew anonypooh was desperately seeking another ticket to CoRo's sold-out Friday night gig at The Troubadour next month, and I knew that I held an extra one; just wasn't sure what day it was for. And of course I'd misplaced both my confirmation e-mails and my credit card statements....Luckily, some frantic e-mailing with CRM confirmed that the extra ticket I had purchased some time ago was to Friday's show, and so I could offer it to anonypooh who could then tell freakspawn that she could come to the ball, after all.

Speaking of CoRo, I think I'd better start making some arrangements -- but I wish they'd get a move on and put up some more dates, and preferably, some LR shows as well. Because as things stand, I've booked 2 weeks off, and only 3 shows to go to. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with those two weeks yet; apart from, that is, spending at least some of the time with my very good friend calove and her family down in Kent. I may look up some mates in London and Birmingham as well -- maybe I can stop over in Brum on my way back down from Liverpool? Though it all hinges on what CoRo are going to do next. I won't follow them all the way up to Aberdeen, but if they can put in another appearance in Glasgow, I'll finally have an excuse to go up there and drop in on my friend Carol G. for coffee.

Finally, I'd exceeded my mailbox capacity at the office and had to clear some of my old e-mails before I could send any new ones, and in the midst of throwing out all these mails from people I no longer communicate with, I found this picture. It's one of me as a bottle blonde, taken almost 3 years ago on my 40th birthday. Cass once asked me what I'd looked like as a blonde, and I couldn't really say; but now, you can all Image hosted by

The baby, BTW, is my youngest nephew, Romeo, then 8 months old.
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