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At least I know where I stand now

Today's meeting was enlightening inasmuch as the following has become clear:

• Neither Jobsworth nor HR are willing to 'go the extra mile' -- HR point to an upcoming WFR (Workforce Reduction) which will mean that very soon, substantial numbers of employees will be looking for another job within HP; based on present performance, they cannot 'sell' me to another manager -- if I want them to help me find another job within the company, I will have to prove myself with sustained consistency of performance for a prolonged period of time (4-6 months);
• HR can, if an employee decides to leave the company, dissolve the work agreement according to the so-called 'kantonrechtersformule' - i.e. let the employee leave with an extra months' salary for every year that they have worked for HP;
• When the company doctor declared me fit for work several weeks ago, she declared me physically and mentally fit, according to present-day directives. Which means that as far as the company/HR/my manager are concerned, there are no medically valid reasons for me not to do my job and do my job well.

Of course, I am free to contest the company doctor's assessment with the proper authority. However, Tinny tells me this will not do me any good. The law has recently been changed and made much stricter, and these days, as long as someone is able to stand, they are fit for work in every way.
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