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"Life...goes on day after day after day after day after day"

A passing glance at the calendar on the wall, and I realise I’ve only got 30 more days to go before the start of my holidays! 30 Days to get myself organised…I’ve given up on CoRo putting up any more dates; there’s talk on the forum that ticket sales haven’t been sufficient to justify new bookings, which –if it’s true- is a shame. Still, I’m happy enough they’re taking the time to come over and play for us at all – last year at Moonlight Rising, when Eric told me they’d be touring the UK, as a day-old fan I was so overjoyed that I simply had to hug him silly for it; today, I’m just as thrilled to have the opportunity to be going to 3 more of their gigs. Although I could wish I hadn’t waited so long for more engagements to be announced that I missed out on my chance to accompany my friends to a James Marsters concert a week later. :(

But then, that’s so typical of me: always leaving things till the last minute, or too late. I’m surprised I booked my CoRo and flight tickets so early this time! All I need now, is to find a place to stay close to The Troubadour, one close to The Cavern Club, and book my train tickets to Liverpool…is it Euston one takes a train up there from?

While in London, I think I might try and take in the Caravaggio exhibition in the National Gallery, though I’m not fond of timed-ticket entry. And I’ve been thinking of going up to Liverpool on the Saturday, so that I may have time to do a bit of sight-seeing as well. I’ve never been there before, and apart from the Beatles tourist thing, I don’t really know what the place has to offer, but I think it will be interesting to find out. Maybe I can even take a ferry 'cross the Mersey!
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