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Perhaps it's just the arrival of spring, but I've been feeling quite a lot better for the past day or two -- I seem to have a lot more energy and I'm not so down in the dumps anymore. I've spent the weekend going over and rewriting my CV, and looking at the list of things I've done over the past decade or more, I feel a lot more confident that I may have something to offer a prospective new employer, after all. Although I'm still not really sure how to explain why I made the break from intellectual pursuits in archaeology and architecture to a technical support environment in ICT. I was sick of not making ends meet in the first, but is that a good enough reason? And since I'm not really happy in the latter, and the doors have closed on the first, will my past experience count for anything when I go for something completely new and different? And what should that completely new and different thing be? Questions, questions...

Anyway, things seem to be coming along nicely on the CoRo UK 2005 Tour front, too: I've made plans to hook up with anonypooh, freakspawn and pohewa (travel arrangements & hotels sorted out), and I can't wait until we finally meet up -- I'm sure we'll get on like a house on fire! I've also found a place to rest my weary head after JM's Islington gig on April 29th -- but of course, it depends on what CoRo are planning for that Friday night whether I can make it there at all.

The only thing that's bothering me at the moment is my Achilles tendonitis -- it doesn't seem to be getting better of its own accord, so I suppose I'll have to find the time to go round to my GP later this week and see if I can get him to prescribe me some anti-inflammatory drugs. I think the injury is still in the peritenonitis-stage, so with rest and medication, it shouldn't take too long to clear up. I would try ice-packs, only I haven't got a freezer. Or I have, but it's out of order.

::grumble:: I hate Achilles tendonitis. I had to give up fencing competitively because of it ::grumble::


Mar. 21st, 2005 08:15 pm (UTC)
expanded on my experience in archaeology instead of sweeping it under the carpet
Aside from wondering why you aren't still doing this, I would think this would be a huge selling point for you.

it was only after she asked questions that she found out that being an archaeologist means being able to read a terrain, or stake out a grid using land measuring equipment
I knew this, but I find archaeology extremely interesting and have watch/read a great deal about it.
Mar. 21st, 2005 10:30 pm (UTC)
Aside from wondering why you aren't still doing this

Basically, there were two reasons. One, the afore-mentioned impecuniousness; but second, and most important, the fact that in 1991, I fell ill with a -what turned out to be benign- tumour, and was in and out of hospital for the next two years. Add to that the fact that I'd only just started working, and that at that time we were also experiencing an economic slump, and you'll see how I missed my chance.

I still would like to get back into it, though -- and I've decided, that if I do manage to find a job closer to home and it offers the chance to do t parttime, then I'll take one day a week off to devote myself to it again on a voluntary basis. I know they always need people who sort of know what they're doing on digs.

I find archaeology extremely interesting and have watch/read a great deal about it

I'm the same with engineering; it fascinates me immensely. Isambard Kingdom Brunel is one of my heroes...as well as the nameless Etruscans who built the Cloaca Maxima and drained the Campus Martius in Rome. ;-)