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This is a public service announcement

You may have heard this already, but just in case you haven't:

if, like me, you're unlucky enough to have bagged yourself a S7 first box set with the wrong bloody episode (Potential instead of Showtime) at the end of it, you have two options open to you. The following information comes straight from the BBC website, http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/news/buffy/2003/07/17/5782.shtml

"A small batch of the Buffy 7.1 box set were mistakenly sent out with the episode Potential (which will be on set 7.2) rather than the correct episode, Showtime.

But fear not, we've been in contact with Fox who have come up with a solution.

If you're one of the unlucky ones, you should send the tape that has the wrong episode on only, with your name and address, to the Fox Freepost address:

Buffy 7.1 - VHS

On receipt into the Fox office, these will be collated every couple of days and sent onto the manufacturers, who will re-send the correct tape to the customer.

The missing episode Showtime will be also added as an extra episode on Buffy Season 7.2 VHS box set that will be released on 8th September, so you could just wait until then."

-- I doubt Freepost will mean anything to the good but dim-witted people at my local post office, but I doubt I can wait until Sept before I can get my hands on Showtime...or maybe I can. I just found out they'll resume airing BtVS S7 in Holland on Aug 3rd.



Jul. 23rd, 2003 06:03 am (UTC)
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<S1-S7 or just all of S7?>

The whole enchilada - S1 through to S7 -with box no. 2 set to release Sept 8th, we can our marathon the weekend following. Mick's school will have started already, but if need be, I can write him a note on Monday...

Soraya's 10, and just as big a Spike-fan as her Auntie. Possibly bigger, even. She's got me beat with the whole scrapbooks and posters on the wall of her bedroom thing!

<i>And do you also have S4 eps of Angel available on tape over there?</i>

Yes, they were released last week as well. I haven't ordered them. I'm not a fan. Although I suppose it would be prudent to start watching AtS S4 when they'll start airing it next Sunday; to prepare myself for the arrival of Spike...