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Music is the food of life, so play on!

I came home tonight to find a note in my letterbox, informing me that the postie had left a parcel too big to shove through its opening with my nosey old neighbour downstairs. She is, you know, but she's also a dear old biddy who used to be a television presenter back in the day when there was just the one channel and the one weekly broadcast on Tuesday evenings -- things were like that in Holland in the fifties. I squeed when I saw who had sent me this, and for once didn't mind opening my mail under the curious gaze of the person who had been so kind as to accept it on my behalf.

It was from julchek, and contained a card, a belated birthday present (which the card explained she had gotten me for my birthday, but then had never got around to send -- a failing I have, too) and one of her recordings! She's a gifted musician who makes lovely traditional music of the Celtic and American kind - jigs, reels, and contradances. I'm playing some of it now. And Julie, if you're reading this: I love this addition to my home music catalogue. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sending it me!

It really has made my day.

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