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And I so enjoyed watching the new Dr. Who in action last Saturday. Finally, a Doctor I could warm to -- up until last Saturday, I'd been completely unimpressed with every incarnation that came after Tom Baker's. He was my Doctor, The Doctor, when I was growing up...I'd sort of liked Paul McGann in that made for TV one-off Doctor movie, but Christopher Eccleston was the first I really really thought was right for the part...

And now he's quit. And I'd had such high hopes for finding some NC-17 fic featuring him and his sonic screwdriver, too...


Mar. 31st, 2005 09:29 pm (UTC)
"Afraid of being typecast" -- what's that supposed to mean? And to think I actually took the trouble to listen to his interview on the BBC Dr. Who webpage, in which he waffled on about looking forward to growing into and exploring the part over the next two or three years!

I am so disappointed in him. And how can I enjoy the rest of the series, knowing what I know now?