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A week late, but I've finally gotten around to do and send off my tax self-assessment -- and I hope I did it right, because I really don't know what half of those questions meant -- and most of the paperwork I have received at the beginning of the year, that boldly stated I would need them for my tax self-assessment and therefore should take care not to lose them as they would only be issued once, well...I couldn't find anywhere to include the information contained in them.

So, now the waiting begins -- will they accept my calculations, or will they send the law after me and will I celebrate Christmas in in their deepest, dankest dungeon? If the latter, I hope they'll allow me to take my newest CoRo CD, that came in the post this morning, in there with me. Plus a CD-player, obviously; not much use being in a dungeon without one.

They're such sweethearts, too, the CoRo merch people: you ask them for a CD, and they throw in a sticker and a flyer for the Bryn Mawr show that happened two months ago as well. Plus a neatly typed up UK tour schedule -- so cute!

If only I could stop worrying about those damn taxes!

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