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Oh, by the way...

Those favourite songs of mine you couldn't guess earlier? In case you're interested, they were:

03. David Bowie, Word On A Wing
04. Common Rotation, Pawn
05. David Sylvian/Japan, I Surrender/Nightporter
07. U2, A Sort of Homecoming
08. Garbage, The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
11. Björk, Venus As A Boy
13. The Rolling Stones, Memory Motel
14. Mercury Rev, Nite & Fog
16. Paul Weller, Above The Clouds
17. Talking Heads, Life During Wartime

And no, I don't think they were that easy to guess. Although bogwitch did exceptionally well with 8 correct answers, sarcasticbitca, freakspawn and deadsoul820 all made the honours list as well.


Apr. 8th, 2005 11:23 am (UTC)
Haven't heard it in years though.

Not had I, until I found the CD in the cut price section about a month or two ago. However, my sister had owned the album in our teenage years, and Nightporter had been my favourite then and stuck out in my memory ever since. And even if it is a bit of a musical melodrama, and Japan has done some wonderful work after Gentlemen Take Polaroids, it can still make me shut up and listen.