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I had hoped to have a bit of time to myself so I could write in my lj some more, but I've just remembered that I've got to sign off on the new database design before close of business today - which means I've only got about 3 hours to check for any last minute glitches and minor disasters.

Why do I always let things come down to the last minute?

I wish I was more organised. I duly sign up for my office appointment book every year, and every year I find the previous year's one still in its packaging at the back of a drawer. I have my own appointment book - but I rarely update it and seldom look at it. I miss doctor's appointments, dentist's appointments, and office appointments despite the fact that Outlook has this annoying beeping pop-up thing to tell me I should be somewhere in 15 minutes. There's a Snooze-button, but I always press Dismiss. I hate that thing.

If I were organised, I wouldn't have to dither so in the supermarket. If I were organised, I would have time for breakfast on weekdays. If I were organised, I wouldn't have to face a week's worth of washing up every Saturday morning, and getting that sinking feeling as a result of it. If I were organised, I would have come up with a wish list for my birthday in 2 weeks by now...

Well, whaddya know? Made an entry anyway...
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