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7 days and counting

Perhaps it's just my imagination, but I think having lived mostly on soup and salads for the last 2 weeks has had some effect on my waistline. Nothing dramatic, I swear: I'm still a long way away from reaching a perfect 10, but if I keep this up, I may get back to being a 14 (that's UK size 14) some time around Christmas. I do miss my rice, and pasta, and fruit though...Sticking to my two meals a day (one of soup, and one of salad) surprisingly has been quite easy, if a trifle boring. I'll stick with it for one more week; but once I'm in England, don't think I won't touch the scones or occasional fish suppers. I'll be on the move anyway, and something tells me it's going to be a lot easier nourishing myself with baps and baked potatoes than hardboiled eggs and greens.

My conjunctivitis seems to be clearing up nicely; just two more days of religiously applying the gel should take care of that little problem, and then I'll be right as rain and ready for my trip abroad. Now, all I need to worry about is what clothes to take: warm coat or light jacket? Sturdy boots or trainers? Skirts or trousers? And have I got enough socks? These are the sort of questions that can keep me up at night.

I've just checked the Internet for the availability of trains from Liverpool to Birmingham, and was much relieved to find that Virgin maintain a regular service well into the night (and that a 3-Day Advance Single will only set me back a tenner), which means I can take as long as I like exploring and sampling the delights of Liverpool on Monday after CoRo have gone home. I'm getting quite perky at the prospect.

Must start to stock up on kitty nosh this week.

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