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I missed my first anniversary on LJ last year. Now I've missed my second, too: it was 3 days ago. Does my missing it twice in a row make it a tradition already?

In other news: Manasse is up and about, and this has created a definite problem. Leila, who up until this morning was his best friend and surrogate mother, and who is No. 1 Cat in my household, has turned against him big time. She's attacked him so viciously, I had to lock her in the spare room, where I can still hear her hissing and spitting. She even lunged at me! She's never done that. Me and Leila, we're bestest buddies -- or at least, I thought so. Manasse is bleeding again, and very distressed. He's in the hall, sitting watch outside Leila's room, and crying plaintively -- I never knew he could make that much noise!

And the weirdest thing: Clio, who ordinarily can't stand him, although she's keeping her distance, hasn't engaged in any open hostilities...yet. What's going on here? Why have my cats suddenly swapped personalities? And how do I best protect Manasse while he needs time to heal?



Apr. 13th, 2005 08:58 am (UTC)
Leila hasn't had a really bad experience with the vet

As far as I know, Leila's never had a bad experience with that vet herself, and she's been there a number of times. Which is why her current behaviour is so baffling, and frankly, it's freaking me out. I've got things to do, but I daren't leave the house for fear she'll seize her chance and rip my boy to shreds. Although he seems to be quite capable to come out on top in their little confrontations...

Clio has so far maintained her policy of careful neutrality; for which I'm grateful. But I wish Leila would just go back to being my sweet, dopey Leila again. This snarling, vicious creature of sharp teeth and nails that's taken her place, I don't know how to deal with.


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