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Rose Tyler: "He's not my boyfriend...he's much more than that."

Of course, what I ought to have done today, was to get organised: find my e-mail confirmations, get packed, give the flat a good clean so I don't have to feel embarrassed knowing my mother will cross the threshold every day in order to feed my cats while I'm away, and make sure there was enough cat food.

Instead, I've been poncing away my time previewing countless mp3s (then deciding I didn't like any of them), sorting out old paperwork, and trying to get Leila out from under the couch. At least in that last endeavour, I have been successful: she's now on top of the kitchen cabinets, keeping a wary eye on Manasse's movements down below.

I was so absorbed in these pastimes, I almost forgot to tune into The Doctor. Luckily, I happened to glance at the clock just three minutes before it came on. Ah! he was on fine form again today, bubbling over with enthusiasm, but one thing puzzles me: why, when it takes an alien on average two whole minutes to struggle out of their human disguise, does no one, not even The Doctor, use that time to incapacitate them in some way?

Oh crap. It just hit me: I won't see it next week, will I? Unless -- Cass, will you tape it for me us?
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