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Packing and stuff

I hate having to get packed. Mostly because I've only got a small suitcase, and too much stuff to take. My first boyfriend taught me that you could get a lot more into your backpack if you rolled it all up very tightly and then sort of stacked it; but that trick only works if there's an ironing board waiting for you at the other end of your journey -- hang on, there is! Problem solved.

I was casting a critical look at my wardrobe this morning, and I've come to the conclusion that it won't do. I've got tons, tons I tell you, of warm woollen winter jumpers, and about 5 pairs of jeans, but very little else. Then why, I hear you ask, do I always have to struggle to close the wardrobe doors? Well, the answer to that is: I've got lots of useless gear. There are quite a few skirts, which of course aren't useless in themselves, but are pretty darn useless if you've got no tops to wear them with. No tops, no tees, no blouses. A few jackets, but again: no tops, no tees, no blouses. That is to say: I have blouses. Up to the millennium, I regularly wore blouses -- but then my boobs decided they would no longer fit into them, and they've been hanging in my closet uselessly ever since (my blouses, that is, not my boobs).

So, panicked, I rushed out and bought myself two more jumpers and a shocking pink cardigan. And I still have nothing to wear them with.

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