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Except -- not.

But I managed it in the end (even though you've opted to collect your tickets from the machine, you won't be allowed to proceed without an address in the UK -- and then when you get to the checkout, it won't validate your card details because the address is not the one your card is issued to, is it? So then you have to go through 5 more steps to get the address changed and accepted even though it's not a UK address, and all of this you have to figure out yourself because the web designers didn't think of it -- and then it tells you that the saver ticket you had selected half an hour earlier is suddenly no longer available, and you'll have to postpone your journey by an hour...), although now I'm not 100% sure whether the discounted ticket I bought is valid for the later journey's railway provider...

Anyway -- I expect that from today, my LJ will go on hiatus, so here's my usual disclaimer:

which, if everything goes as planned, should be in two weeks time!



Apr. 18th, 2005 07:41 am (UTC)
I didn't think you were coming here to sleep!

Among other things. ;-)

See you soon.