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Here I am!

So, could I pass by an Internet café and not see how you lot were doing? More importantly, not see if you were missing me? Of course not! So here I am, on a glorious spring afternoon in Kensington High St, and I'm pleased to learn through my LJ that you are missing me a little -- I'm missing you, too. I was just saying to calove the other day, that I was getting worried I was spending too much of my time on LJ these days, but that I couldn't possibly give it up as I've built up too many friendships here now; friendships that are every bit as important to me as my RL ones.

After 3 days in the country with calove, I've come up to The Smoke this morning for the start of my mini tour of England and Scotland. CoRo will play here tonight and tomorrow night, then it's up to Glasgow on Saturday and down to Liverpool on Sunday...and I'm slowly getting excited at the prospect of witnessing all these gigs and more, meeting all the CoRo fans (& appreciative members of the audience) I've been chatting with online over the past months. At the moment, roissy0 is asleep in our room, having flown in from the States earlier this morning. Mustn't forget to swing by the hotel and wake her before going off to meet anonypooh at Earl's Court in a couple of hours' time...

It really is a glorious day today...I think I'll cut this short and go out to enjoy some of it. Who knows when I'll next get the chance?

Tags: common rotation, travel

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