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Report no. 1

Last night, I opened my mouth and drivel came out. You hear yourself saying things, you cringe inwardly and tell yourself you're talking complete drivel and you had better stop it. this. instant. but here's the thing: you can't. Your mouth has developed a mind of its own and it just goes on spouting complete bollocks. And so an evening that started off promising and fun ended in total and abject humiliation...

We met up with anonypooh and pohewa as planned, and then set off for The Troubadour in search of food and a good spot from which to watch that evening's show. It was quite a balmy night so we took our seats in the garden, and ordered Pimm's and lemonade. When we went back inside, the place had filled up, and we ended up among the last ones to go downstairs.

Corn Mo is an acquired taste, I think...Not bad, but his songs started to sound a bit same-y to me after a while. Still, he's a lovely guy and the stories he was telling in between the songs were very amusing and entertaining. He ended on a rocked-up version of Hawa Nagila which went down a storm.

As to Common Rotation's show, anonypooh got the set list, so if you want to know what songs they played, check out her journal. They started off with Day which has been going through my head ever since, and did a great set with quite a lot of new material, and old favourites as well. Adam did an a cappella number, Tired/Sad, and they did a country-ish song called Southern Moon which surprisingly, I liked quite a bit. They were having a few problems with the PA and Jordan didn't seem too happy with his trumpet at certain moments, but they seemed to be having a brilliant time on stage.

We hung around for a bit after the show, and then everyone got up to leave; so I went over to Eric and said goodbye...only to find out when I reached the other side of the room that the others had changed their minds and were getting some drinks in. So for the next hour, I tried desparately to make out I was invisible and not really there at all whenever I suspected I might be in Eric's line of vision, but all to no avail, alas. After a while, he came up to me and accused me of having lied to him about leaving earlier! I opened my mouth to refute him...and drivel came out -- I talked about his beard, for chrissakes! We got onto another topic quickly enough, but still...I talked about his beard, for crying out loud! ::shakes head in utter horror and disbelief::

I took pictures, of course, but it'll be a while before I can post them -- modern technology hasn't caught up with me yet and I'm still on a non-digital camera. There are some great ones up already over on the Forum, that Geoff From Surrey took.

All in all, it was a brilliant night, which ended in the four of us traipsing through the streets of London in the wee small hours searching for a 24 hour Internet café. roissy0 and I eventually gave up, but undaunted, anonypooh and pohewa successfully gave one of those Internet phone booths a try. We met up again for a builder's breakfast this morning, and in a minute will be off to take a stroll through the park, which comes highly recommended as a way to pass the time by Corn Mo and Jordan.


1. Day For A Day
2. Union Dues
3. True Hollywood Romance
4. Clear Channel
5. Sit Down
6. Auctioneer
7. Surround Face ..yes a brand spanking real life new song! They said if they got it wrong they might have to play it twice! No problem with me is great and hope to hear it tomorrow
8. Definitive Biography
9. I'm So Bored of the USA
10. EUTS
11. 92 Mikes ...very nice with Adam
12. The First Time (with a ..we're playing this one time tonight and then never again intro!)
13. Southern Moon ..very Country .. a cover, presumably
14. Indie Rockin'
15. Wasted Words
16. Tired/Sad ...omg - hear a pin drop for Adam's solo excited we got to hear this.. out of key he says he started.. like we noticed??!! awesome
17. 'Eric' ... UM-title: (Stand)Still
18. Patients
19. Oklahoma


20. Cinematographer ... another cover

setlist entry c&p-ed from anonypooh's Forum post.
Tags: common rotation, gigs, spring 2005 tour

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