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I've had a shower, I've had a large black coffee, and I've had a briliant time these last few days and nights, but I think my great old age is finally catching up with me and I'm feeling dead tired at the moment...And happy; happy to have seen and heard so much of CoRo in such good company -I've met and spent time with so many of my LJ-friends this past week, I wouldn't have believe it possible before-; happy to have had the chance to go to Glasgow and walk through the park with one of my oldest online friends who turned out just as easy and pleasant to talk to as exchange e-mails with; happy to be in Liverpool and looking forward to spending the day here; and happy that the tour is over and I can get back to enjoying my holiday at a more leisurely pace.

Though at the same time, I am of course a little bit sad as well; sad that the tour is over and it'll likely be a while before I get the chance to see CoRo again; sad that it'll likely be an even longer while before I get to see Corn Mo again (although he did mention to me last night that he might be doing some shows in Norway later in the year -- if he can find a promotor to sort it all out), and sad at the thought that I'll be leaving my roadtrip companions to go to their respective destination without me later today. roissy0 has already left early this morning, so it's just me and anonypooh, freakspawn and onecheekyhobbit that are left to explore Liverpool's tourist attractions...Yes, definitely a little sad.

29 Minutes left...I'm not a quick typist. I never took the time to learn how to use 10 fingers as 2 suffice, but it's mainly the constant thinking about how to cast my jumbled, chaotic thoughts into clear and concise wording that makes it difficult for me to say all I want to in just under half an hour. Which means that again, if you were expecting a precise and comprehensive write-up of CoRo's shows, you're not likely to find it in this entry. It may have to wait until I get back.

I can tell you though, that driving all the way up to Scotland and down to Merseyside again turned out not to be as daunting as previously thought or believed. We made it from London to Glasgow in under 6 hours, and from Glasgow to Liverpool in 3 -- we think the fact that we undertook this trip at the weekend is largely responsible for these record times...and, on the last journey, going mostly downhill at 115 mph may have helped as well ;-).

Except for the first show's, I managed to snag the set lists to all the others (plus one of Corn Mo's), and I'm hoping they'll help remind me of all the important bits of information to include in my big write up which will undoutedly happen some time later this week or the next, but for now I must remember that last night, the song references included songs about heaven (Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Heaven, Stairway to Heaven and others) happened in More Than Once Before It Takes, and Eric stuck a few lines of Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey) at the end of Clear Channel...but no Beatles references! which I was quite happy about...I mean, every band that plays The Cavern seems to feel the need to at least do one, and I know the guys did think about it as per their own admissions, but I'm glad they decided not to do it. A snatch from Simon and Garfunkel's 59th Street Bridge Song did make another appearance again, though.

Now they're all off for breakfast and I'm stuck in here with 10 more minutes of credit...whatever shall I do? Post this, and join them, I think!
Tags: common rotation, gigs, spring 2005 tour, travel

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