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Oh crap

Our IT-guy's just come up to inform me that my new PC has arrived, and he'll be setting it up for me in a minute. OS: Windows XP! The crappo Home Edition! Why the hell cannot hp fork out for XP Professional. Bloody cost cutting initiative ::grumble grumble::

And OK, it's true that several times on a daily basis, I can be heard threatening my PC with dire consequences if it doesn't stop its habit of crashing every 10 seconds...but still, I'm not sure I want to let go of it now. It's sort of grown on me. And it's got WinNT on it, which I almost like. Well, at least I know how it works, where to find stuff. I've seen the XP graphics and I do not like them.

No, I am most definitely not a happy bunny.

And since I'm not a happy bunny, let me also take the time to confess that despite my best intentions, nay, strong resolve even, I have not been able to stick to my plan and ignore the sales this year in an effort to improve my current financial situation.
How many frigging handbags do I need?

I try to justify the purchase of this gorgeous black leather Italian bag with 2 compartments and 3 (!) hidden pockets, 4 zippers and 2 nice long straps by reminding myself that the strap broke on the purse I had with me the other day...but there's this tiny little voice in the back of my mind that keeps reminding me as well that I've got at least some 15 other perfectly serviceable bags that have only been used once or twice and in some instances, never, in the back of the closet and it would have been far cheaper if I'd upgraded one of these to the status of everyday bag. I can understand why I would discount the Saks 5th Avenue one (because it's dark brown with a fur trim, so totally inappropriate to the current season), but there's the Gucci I got at Malpensa airport back in the days when the Italians still had their ludicrously funny money that had far too many zeroes to be taken seriously; and the brown/green/beige stripey one I got in Rome; the red suede one I bought to go with my red suede heels but which for some reason, I never remembered I had whenever I wore the shoes; and all the rest...

Oh crap. I suck at economising.
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