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I finally got the Feliway for Leila last night -- now let's hope we'll see some results soon. Poor kitty has taken to hiding in the litterbox; something the other cats aren't happy about.

Jobsworth has reverted to being an arse again, and this Whitsun weekend I'm taking the opportunity (if I can) to send off some applications -- I've already short-listed a few companies for possible future employment. Funnily enough, the other day, I came across an opening for a spy (they gave it the more innocuous sounding job title of 'operational agent', but the description made it clear that what they were looking for was someone to take on surveillance duty and follow people around), but after a half a minute's daydream, in which I pictured myself as something of an international woman of mystery, I decided it's not for me. I could never manage being my usual glamorous self ;-) yet at the same time, blend into the background enough so as not to tip off my quarry...

And I'm torn; I'm agonising over which item to purchase next week -- the beautiful green shoes I've coveted since last Wednesday, when I first clapped eyes on them and fell in love instantly (4 inch high-heeled ankle-strapped sandals, wooden sole and heel, uppers of green leather with hard pink stitching, silver studs and a pink metallic finish), or the latest hp Photosmart digital camera which I can get through work at a 40% discount on Thursday...although I would have to travel to the Utrecht office to collect it in person and fill out a ream of paperwork while I'm at it. After all the hassle I had to go through getting my pictures earlier this week: the phone calls, the visits, the threats, I do want to get myself a digital camera -- but the shoes are just to die for. Of course, I cannot wear them yet -bloody ankle!-, but...

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