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And the daffodils look lovely today

I started my Monday morning with an intensive 4 hour yoga class, and consequently feel invigorated, energised and pretty much indestructable. I'm also feeling a couple of aches and pains in muscles I never knew existed, but that's beside the point. What is the point is that my working week never starts until halfway through the afternoon on Monday, which somehow helps to make the rest of it disappear in the blink of an eye as well. I wish I'd discovered this years ago...would have saved me lot of boredom and frustration. Oh well, better late than never, eh?

I've had quite an enjoyable weekend, in which I noticed the fields are full of daffodils again. I like daffs, just the sight of them cheers me up immensely, and always has done. I also managed a few hours of recreational fencing on Saturday; something I hadn't done in far too long, and was pleased to discover I still knew how to do. And I went to the opera on Sunday. Mozart, The Magic Flute.

I must have seen this particular opera a dozen or more times now. It was one of those things they always used to drag us off to roundabout Easter when we were in school. Either that, or Jesus Christ Superstar. I used to hate both of these options with a vengeance, but in recent years I've come to actually rediscover and like them. Although, in the case of The Magic Flute, I must admit I STILL don't get why the Königin der Nacht is supposedly the villain, or why Papageno is considered nothing but the light relief and not the hero of the piece. And yesterday, listening to the lyrics, it struck me how very misogynist the whole thing is. Fie, Mozart, for shame!

On the Buffy obsession front: I've again been reading more fanfic than is good for me, to wit 'Recidivism' by Cosmicfish and 'The Waiting Season' and 'Waking The Dead' by Annie Sewell-Jennings, 'descant descending' by Macha and Kantayra's 'Double Spiked' for fun.
Jules sent another e-mail full of information on the Moonlight Rising con she'll be attending, and I'm so totally not jealous that she's going to be on the photo shoot with JM ;-). Poor love, seems he's really hurt himself playing with that young relative of his the other day, as apparently he will be sitting down throughout. Or standing up, depending on how the knee holds up. "(..)the knee is being operated on in July (..)" -- makes you wonder how he manages to do any fight scenes in the final episodes of BtVS, doesn't it? Stunt doubles, probably.

Only 2 more days to go till 'Beneath You'... I can't wait!
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