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I took Leila to my Mum's this morning, and she settled in fine almost immediately. I swear I got to see more of my cat in half an hour at my Mum's place than I have in 5 weeks at my own. It was hard leaving her there, but I know Mum'll take good care of her; and right now, it is for the best that she stay somewhere she can gain in strength, and relax.

After dropping her off, and promising to pick her up again in a fortnight, I felt the uncontrolable urge to go to Amsterdam and get myself a pair of those green Miss Sixty DJs. Well, after admitting defeat on the snapping my cat out of her depression-front, I needed something to snap me out of mine. They're murder on the ankle, but surely I can't stay an invalid all my life, whatever opinion my doctor and physiotherapists may hold on the matter...and with the CoRo shows coming up in little over 4 months, I've got added incentive to put this injury behind me once and for all.

The business I'd come to the capital for successfully concluded within 10 minutes of my arrival, I decided to continue on my shopping spree, but apart from a few books and DVDs (Enemy At The Gates with Jude Law, and From Hell with Johnny Depp), I couldn't find anything else that sent out that 'Buy Me! Buy Me Now!'-vibe -except for an ice cream on the way to the station-, and came home, tired but satisfied.

And...I remembered to switch on the telly in time for Dr. Who (I missed the first 20 minutes last week, and have been kicking myself all week), so all things considered, today's been a very good day.
Tags: cats, footwear, leila
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