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Raise your hand

...if you know anything about music promotion. Specifically, how to go about creating an interest for your favourite band in hopes of assuring a sell-out tour in 4 months. I'm talking about media coverage, airplay, that sort of thing -- even though I spent some time on the 'Net collecting gig listing sites and streams, I'm not really sure what I'm doing. Any hints, ideas and previous experience gratefully accepted.


May. 23rd, 2005 12:32 pm (UTC)
Now -- are there any communities where we could ask and get them to raise their hand? hmmm....

Good thinking! Let's see...maybe at acousticlounge, or similar communities?

.. btw that specific one you asked about ..

Forget that first one. It was totally geared towards America -- I somehow doubt we'll get many punters to come to the Troubadour if we advertised there! Plus, there seemed to be very little traffic...we want sites that get hits every day.

Also, you're undoutedly right about the soundfile-thing. But those British sites I found this morning I think are worth investigating -- send them a CD, have it reviewed (favourably!) and let them know dates & venues...It sounds so easy, doesn't it? I'm sure it can't be.

Nai came up with Radio Jackie for SW London...looks like this thing is snowballing already! ;-)