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hamilton leithauser
hamilton leithauser (the walkmen): he is girl
crazy. you are boy crazy. beware of chicks with
better shoes than you.

who's your indie rock boyfriend?
brought to you by Quizilla

Beware of chicks with better shoes than me? That'll be the day!

(Who's this Leithauser-dude then? I've never heard of him, or his band...worth checking out, d'ya think? Nah -- I haven't got time for anything but CoRo these days...)

I've resumed my physiotherapy sessions with Menno -- after my return from England, I kept forgetting to call him (or called him when he wasn't picking up his mobile), so he sounded quite surprised when I finally did get in touch last night. I got a surprise as well this morning...what is it with men and beards all of a sudden? Who starts the trend, and how come all the really good-looking ones all feel the need to follow suit? So, yes, Menno's got a beard now too -- a ginger one. It's kind of cute.

And he noticed my shoes! Even though I was only wearing my burgundy chucks...He said: "Hey, I haven't seen those before!", so I described to him the green sandals I've just bought, and he laughed and said something to the effect that I'm the only girl he knows that can make shoes an interesting and entertaining topic of conversation -- I think I'll forgive him the beard.
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