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My firm not so firm, after all.

I know I said I wouldn't pay to see JM in concert again, but it would seem that I'm going to anyway. I've just been informed we have tickets to James Marsters: Words & Music on the 29th of October, in which "the versatile performer showcases his latest songs and presents an exclusive one-man theatre piece. James is currently selecting and working on material specially for his London theatre appearance." Of course, I'm justifying the expense to myself as a chance to see him as a theatre performer, a side to him I've long been curious about. In addition to which, it's an excuse for another get-together with the usual suspects, bogwitch, calove, and hesadevil. God grant though, that our rendez-vous point does not catch fire this time.

But this is definitely, absolutely, unarguably, not changing my mind on this EVAH again, THE VERY LAST TIME I will listen to James sing.
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