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Common cause

They say today is going to be a scorcher, and I think it may well be one in a metaphysical sense, too. With the referendums being held in France this weekend, and in The Netherlands this coming Tuesday, and with us working for the EMEA organisation and therefore hailing from all over Europe, my colleagues and I have started the day with a heated, in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of the proposed European Constitution -- at the end of which, I'm still mainly undecided. I suppose I'm more in favour than against, but I expect I won't know for certain what side I'll come down on until I'm in the actual polling booth, after having gathered more information over the weekend.

But in other and more interesting news: the CoRo UK Street Team has officially kicked off, and its first promotional activity, the flyering of the audience at yesterday's London TMBG's gig, has gone off without a hitch. Over 300 flyers have been handed out, and quite a few people seem to have been genuinely interested, so let's hope they'll all remember when the time comes. ;-)

A pimp to end this post with: a couple of days ago, vegmb's written a BtVS/Baywatch cross-over, and it's worth checking out. Go, read!
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