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Past and present abodes -- a Google image meme

Two days ago, I came across superplin's recollections of a particular summer (here), which had been triggered by one of those Google image memes. You know the kind: the kind that asks you to post the result(s) of certain predefined searches on the Internet. Curious, I followed the link and found the meme in question, and it was this:

Search for: Place you grew up. Place you live now. Your name. Your grandmother's name. Your favorite food. Your favorite drink. Your favorite song. Your favorite smell. Then post the first or your favorite result for each.

As I had nothing better to do at that particular moment, I tried it myself. And ran into trouble almost immediately. My name yielded a picture of a saluki. Very nice, but I'm not really a dog person. My grandmother's name came up with a 1,000+ hits for the town of Eunice, Louisiana, and an unclear picture of a stained glass window depicting St. Eunice. And the last 3 were totally uninteresting, IMO.

So I was left with Place you grew up and Place you live now. At first, I didn't think this would yield any results worth showing, especially since I have basically lived in the same town for all of my life. I may, on occasion, have left it for other, more exotic places temporarily, but I've always come back to it. It doesn't matter wherever else I've lived, whether it be Florence, or Istanbul, or Leicester; The Hague is home. Then, out of sheer idleness, I hit on the idea of googling for certain streets and neighbourhoods in this hometown of mine. And was amazed to find the following pictures:

Image hosted by

This is where I was born, in the erstwhile village of Loosduinen, which by the time of my birth had long since been annexed by The Hague. Older than the town by which it has been swallowed, it was an important religious centre for the region in the early Middle Ages, and especially devoted to the Holy Virgin, who was believed to have appeared there once. I was struck by how quintessentially Dutch this picture shows the place of my origin to be; but then, I've never really seen it from this angle. The main road passes in front of the church pictured in the background, and that was the street where I actually saw the light of day.

Image hosted by

The street I grew up in, some 10-15 kms from where I was born. 'Duinoord', as the neighbourhood is called, was a new development in which most of the houses were built between 1890 and 1910, in the then fashionable Jugendstil/Art Nouveau-style, with the odd neo-Renaissance facade thrown in. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture that shows my childhood home, but these few houses here are very typical of the houses in the rest of the street. Our house is/was about halfway down the street -- this row of houses stands at the beginning. The street is wide, an important thoroughfare; the neighbourhood is quietly genteel, leafy, and dotted with parks. If you should ever want to find it, the nearest landmark is the International Court of Justice, aka the Peace Palace. The Groothertoginnelaan lies just behind it.

Image hosted by

But this is the true find. This is where I live now, and if you look very carefully, you can actually see the flat I'm writing this entry in. To the right of this picture, you see the main road going through this neighbourhood, called the Bezuidenhout because it's located to the south ('zuid', 'zuiden') of the wood ('hout'). In the middle, you can see a school building. There is a street running behind it, intersecting with the main road. This is my street. Right behind the school, you see the back of the houses on the other side of this street. Facing the school, you can see the top of the apartment building I live in. Counting from the right, and starting at the tree, when you come to the seventh window on the top floor -- that's my flat. So it's just past the bit on the school building that has the picture of the tennis player on it. What do you think of that, then?
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