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'Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same'

You know you're a goner when the first conscious thought of the day is The Doctor, and how he and Rose might be doing. And when tears well in your eyes at the next thought, that it'll all be over in 3 weeks -- no more Doctor until Christmas, and no more Nine after that. Bleugggh!

My fandom priorities have definitely changed. BtVS is over and done with, Spike's gone off God knows where and frankly, I don't care if he sends a postcard or not; and JM is just an actor who may or may not appear on a television screen near me at any time in the future. Ever since Moonlight Rising last year, I've been losing interest steadily; and now it's come to that point where I've lost the ability to squee over anything he does...a fact I acknowledged during the concert I attended late in April.

And so I've deleted all the files and folders with pictures and articles of/about Spike and JM, BtVS and AtS, given up trying to catch up with unread fanfic, and will -fingers crossed- soon be saying goodbye to my present lay-out.

But I don't want to sound ungrateful: I still appreciate JM, for everything he, as Spike, has brought me: hours of fun and enjoyment watching his adventures in Sunnydale, finding others who were equally fascinated by the character and the show, getting onto LJ, forging friendships, and taking a trip to the States that led to my discovering the folky/rocky music of Common Rotation for myself -- a new fandom is born from the ashes of the old!

And another is born from my newfound interest in television: the Ninth and Rose have taken over as my OTP of choice, and even if it comes with a definite expiry date, I'm determined to enjoy their journey through time and relative dimensions in space to the last -- till Christmas at least.
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